Areas of Responsibility -

HomeBase Promotions Street Team promoters must stay active by participating in on-going responsibilities in the following areas:

Artist/Performance Reviews
Blogs and Forums
    If you are a regular blogger or forum member of a website, post topics/articles on behalf of HomeBase Promotions and its services and projects.
    Brainstorm and create new promotional contests to keep fans interested and the buzz going about HUN artists/models
    Produce mixtapes on behalf of HomeBase Promotions, its nightlife websites, and for special annual events; mix and submit music for HomeBase Radio©
Event Reviews
    Write event reviews for events promoted by HomeBase Promotions
Event Sponsorships (Commission Based)
    Serve as Event Sponsorship Coordinator for special events; primary contact for event sponsorships
Facebook Promotions
    Spread the word about HomeBase Promotions' services and projects on
    Assist with planning fundraisers to raise money for HomeBase Promotions special projects and other projects supporting non-profit organizations
MySpace Promotions REQUIRED
    Spread the word about HomeBase Promotions' services and projects on
    Take photos at events on behalf of one of HomeBase Promotions entertainment and media websites (i.e.,, Photos will be added to online photo gallery
Production Assistant
    Assist with regular tasks such as reminding Street Team Lead(s) about upcoming events and conference/seminar deadlines; serve as liaision between HomeBase Promotions and The Phenomenal Gifts; researching new live performance venues; sending out emails to artists, models, promoters about promotional specials; recruiting new Street Team members, and scouting for new talent to include on
Radio Show Co-host
    Serve as co-host(ess) for HomeBase Promotions weekly internet radio show segment, "Rep My Block", during the "Up Close and Personal" radio show. Airs LIVE every Thursday night from 9:00-11:00P CST / 10:00-12:00 EST on Rep My Block is on LIVE from 10:30-11:00P CST / 11:30P-12:00A EST
Street Level Promotions
    Promote at various high traffic locations on behalf of HomeBase Promotions, its projects, artists, models, and affiliates
Team Strategy/Leadership
    Lead a team in your city by serving as primary contact, hosting regular monthly Meet & Greets, and by power networking with promoters and venue managers in the area on behalf of HomeBase Promotions